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The 5 Habits of highly Positive People
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The 5 Habits



1. We often go through our day in a hurry. Things happen too fast, deliverables are always due yesterday, meetings follow one another and time flies. We need to understand this and allow ourselves to step back for a second.


2. Breathing out fully allows us to take a fresh full breath. The breath is the essence of life and rejuvenation. Breathing out in a focused and serene way, places us by default in the moment, where we can reap the benefits of Mindfulness.


3. A strategic view is a must in the business world. Vision and Mission statements provide meaning and inspiration. The same principle applies with each one of us. Establishing long-term dreams, that build on your unique strengths and that stretch you enough to bring you into Flow, is key to success.


4. It is frequently said, that the road to personal and professional realization is not a sprint. It is a marathon. To finish a marathon you need a steady pace, mile after mile, which is only achieved through commitment, support, training and a smart approach to mind traps...


5. Man is a social species. Engaging in acts of kindness, gratitude and empathy is critical towards building strong and lasting connections. Finally all the above cannot be accomplished unless you take care of yourself in the process. After all, you are all you have.


Tip: Baby Steps



Adjusting our approach and essentially our typical, traditional, default, automatic actions in professional and personal life is often considered a challenge.


The reason is that it has to do with change. One common thing I notice at work is that change often triggers feelings of stress and fear among employees / professionals.


As a positive rationalist I am always surprised, since:


  • Change is always there (not one day is similar to any other)

  • We are all good at change (even though we tend to forget)


Think of a seasoned mother of twins being stressed about taking on a new project at work!


The optimal approach to change is Baby steps. This requires breaking up change into small, marginal changes and taking on one at a time. Reminds me of an old African saying: "when eating an elephant, take one bite at a time!"

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