Applying Positive Psychology at work to increase employee engagement, support sustainable change, build resilience and lift employee spirits!

Positivity Catalyst
About me

Konstantinos brings together a strong “getting things done” approach and a passion for Teaching, Coaching and Positive Psychology. These coupled with a deep business acumen, after having served 20 years in a major multinational company across a wide variety of senior roles - ranging from Treasurer, Project Manager and Performance Manager to HR Manager -, allows him to build realistic approaches to effectively execute on business strategy.
Konstantinos strongly believes that Positivity / Happiness is a key factor of growth, development and success. His focus area is where business and psychology meet.  He works particularly well with individuals, teams and departments facing major challenges or who need to think differently about where they are, what they need to do and how this new field of Positive Psychology can inform and transform relationships and performance.
Konstantinos holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering, a Master’s degree in Mathematics (both from Purdue University in the US) and is a certified leadership coach.




Positivity is fundamental to growth, development and success for individuals, teams and organizations.


Through a series of services, ranging from workshops and motivational speeches to coaching and consulting, I focus on turning the work environment to a place of fulfilment, learning and inspiration.


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5 Habits



Research and personal experience crytalize in 5 habits of highly happy people. This is the essence of Positivity Catalyst!


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