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Positivity Catalyst Keynote Speaker


A Keynote speech is a quick yet powerful delivery technique to introduce Positivity and related benefits to a large audience. This delivery technique can last 45 minutes to 1.5 hours and traditionally includes practical explanations, memorable examples and inspiration on enhancing personal and team Positivity.


The ultimate target of a Keynote speech is to move the audience to action. Hence, as a Keynote speaker, I will be taking the audience on an intellectual and emotional journey, utilizing both recent academic findings in the field of Positive psychology as well as personal/professional experiences, designed to trigger attendees' interest and curiosity propelling them into taking action towards a more positive outlook. 


A Keynote speaker can’t change the world. But with the right message, the right tools, and the right delivery, I can help the audience understand why their world needs to change, and then not only show them how to do it, but to get them inspired to do it as well!

Positivity Catalyst & Linardos
Positivity Catalyst & TQM MBA
Manchester Business School Hellenic Alumni Association
Positivity Catalyst TLG Amsterdam
Boussias, Youth Skills and Employability
HAU Toastmasters
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