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What's is your New Year Resolution?


This is the time of the year, when most of us take some time off work to celebrate the holiday season with friends and family.

After just a few days off, we manage to step back from day to day routine, breathe out and relax. Then, it's traditional that we reflect on the year that passes and focus on the new year resolutions.  This is when we succumb to the following two mistakes:

1. We stick to what we could have done better the past year

2. We set too many ambitious resolutions for the coming year


With regards to the first point, there is substantial amount of research that points to higher life satisfaction and well-being when one focuses on his/her strengths rather than weaknesses. Hence, developing your strengths can have a significant impact on your quality of life as well as a positive effect on relationships, career and personal growth. The common sense behind this is also quite clear. We are happier and more energetic when we focus on things we are good at.  The more energy we devote, the better we get (this is a status called flow); and since we are enjoying working on our strengths, we are in high spirits, which makes us good company for others! On the other hand, whenever we are pushed (by ourselves or others) to focus on developing our weaknesses, it gets hard to maintain high energy and it's definitely not fun. Finally in such instances, no one else seems to want to be around us... Just imagine Usain Bolt asked to practice long runs to build his stamina... :(


Don't get me wrong. We should not ignore our weak sides. Self awareness is key. And definitely we should focus on improving capabilities that prevent us from moving forward (think of it as ensuring we do not fail an audit). In all other cases, however, focusing on strengths tends to maximize results. So do not stick to what you could have done better this year. Rather focus on what you did well. This is how you will become a better and more positive version of yourself.


With regards to the second point, looking at the year ahead, and while on holidays we usually become overly optimistic. We start thinking of getting in shape and often we go out and by a treadmill or  stationary bike on an impulse.


Don't do it!


An avalanche starts with a small rock moving. All you need to do is to get moving. Dream Big! But remember, it is a marathon not a sprint. You need to keep a steady pace! The trick is to just become familiar with change. Set small goals and celebrate success. One thing will lead to another and you will be on a roll before you even know it. Here are some tips for your new year resolution (one resolution is enough, remember you need to keep it small!): 


1. Play it safe - choose carefully ONE EASY-TO-DO new year resolution

2. Write it down - unless it's on paper it doesn't exist

3. Commit to family and friends - post it on FB or just let others know. This will make it harder to let go...

4. Take the time to plan next steps - just be professional about it

5. Celebrate success - every milestone is worth a treat!


Finally, remember that you need to take care of yourself so you may take care of others!


Ensure you focus on positivity! Ensure that your new year resolution will help you become a more positive version of yourself!

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